charter day charter day!

This past Sunday was Charter Day here in Pennsylvania. Now I realize quite a few fellow Pennsylvanians don't know what Charter Day is let alone the rest of you... It's a historical day involving, you guessed it, a charter. But what I enjoy most about it is that on this day all state museums are free. So we always go to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. It is most fun. Trains. Climbing aboard them. Going under them. Going over them. Asking any whatever question that pops into David's head. Pulling levers and such.

This year we were there exactly at opening which I would highly recommend. We got a good parking spot and were able to go on all the trains without having to wait in any lines. I know Letty is over this whole train thing but she at least puts up with it. For how many more years I just don't know. And who knows, maybe next year we will try a different state museum. Who's to say. 

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