an indoor houseplant update!

Plant babies! I really have taken things too far with all the greenery inside my house these days! But well, it makes me happy. I don't get anything too high maintenance of course because I'm not that much of a plant lady but still. My weekly watering sessions where I walk around and check on each and every one is my most favorite of house chores. We all know I can't go to the greenhouse without walking out of there with a few new succulents or hey maybe even more plants and sometimes both. I may be at capacity here for a bit though... We shall see. To be continued on that front! 

I did no research before these purchases. Or after come to think of it. I just confirmed lighting requirements before buying and that's all she wrote! There was a sale! I cannot be blamed! And so here they are... my newest additions. I did this last winter too. Apparently it's a thing.

The tag on this beauty said Pothos Golden. Pretty sure that is maddeningly unhelpful. I have had this hanging basket from my Stephanie for over a year now and just got around to deciding it needed a plant.
This is a Maidenhair Fern. I'm such a fan of the foliage on her! I am loving the fact that now that my kids are a little older and trustworthy (for the most part) I can put plants in different areas. This table I would normal have never dared but now that my no toys in the living room rule is listened too she will be just fine. 
No idea, I really should take better notes. If I had to guess I would guess this is in the dracanaena family?
I lied the orchid I have tried to grow before and I have failed. But the African violet never before. So I'm a little nervous excited with these two.
I have no idea what this is called. I love the little leaves though.
I was under the impression this was a succulent but Mama Trovato said it's a jade plant. Hey who knows maybe it is both? I like it either way.
This tag read: Aridisia Humilis. Which I can not pronounce let alone tell you what it is. It had a tropical plant label as well.
Air plants! Some of these were hand me downs and some new purchases. Can't get much easier and they really seem to enjoy the riddling rack. I wish they weren't so expensive or I'd have a whole lot more. Like I need more plants.
If anyone has any tips or pointers with these new babies of mine I'm all eyes! 

Oh and p.s. if anyone is still wondering about Madam Fiddle Leaf she is doing just fine overall in her corner of the dining room!