an afternoon dying eggs.

We went full on kid egg dye time this year. Each one (minus the babies of course) got to dye three hard boiled eggs and one blown (thanks Aunt Beth and Nonna!). They were just so excited to get started that they beat us to it, with me rushing around getting the dye ready whilst threatening my boys to not touch. I'm sure you can imagine how quickly this went for all the kids. Well, minus Lena because she just really likes to soak up the moment. God bless that girl. Nonna reminded us all that we only dye eggs just this once a year so we should enjoy it... And I've heard that a time or 35 and well, she's right. The kids let the eggs dry and went off to play while the moms each dyed just one egg of their own. We didn't have any crazy Pinterest ideas this year... just dye. Some paint. 

Nonna had gotten this wax melting egg kit, easy for kids!, it claimed. Well. Nope. Maybe the hard boiled. Maybe. And if the kid has multiple arms. Aunt Ashley and I tried multiple ways to keep the rogue egg from blowing away... which it in fact did and yet somehow did not break but did get wax all over my white shirt. Who wears white to an egg dye event? Glad Letty was there for documenting purposes... We tried though. And Letty is quite happy with her results. The kids drew on a few of their eggs with markers once they dried and we deemed it good. 
And the wax came out of the shirt.

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