a deck update and a poll!

Alright so I need your help. Please please pretty please. But first, a little background...

Our deck is not very large. It gets full sun, morning to night. It gets hot. It gets crowded. We like to entertain and I have a very large family. So you can imagine what the deck situation was like when we had 15 people at once attempting a pool day. Matt and I also like to lay in the sun (don't tell our dermatologists) (who am I kidding they take one look the two of us and go, yup, sun worshipers). We had a pergola up for years that covered approximately 80% of the deck, but the poles were sort of always in the way, again with the crowding situation. I took these pictures on Sunday after Matt took down the pergola and removed the kid gates because well, we don't need them anymore (wah!). And yes, she needs a power wash and stain. Desperately. Here is what the deck looked like at the start of last summer, just as a reference. I'm also thinking this iron bench may be moved just to clear up more space? But it is nice to have some extra seating... we will have to see! Not all of our chairs are out either, four of them are still in basement storage...
We looked into building a roof over the deck. We looked into a retractable awning. And then we discovered, sun sails. Affordable! Any size! Lots of colors! We will be able to cover the entire deck which is perfect and if we want to lay out we can just undo one corner and sort of flip it up, exposing part of the deck for our sun bathing needs.
So the first question is, what color? I tend to want to play it safe and stay neutral with the beige... but Matt would like to do something with a pop. He is feeling the turquoise or the blue (we are going with a sturdier fabric for windier locations which is why the color selection isn't huge). So what do we think? I believe this would be a marital impasse...
Sidebar, Matt has been planning on making a new table. It'll be much larger, rectangular, wood, with two hidden ice box containers in the center for wine/beer/assorted beverages. We currently only have chairs for six and they are quite bulky so with the addition of the new table and the affordability of the sun sail I thought well... new chairs! We love the ones we got for our dining room and they are also meant for outdoor use and so hey! Let's do that. But again, what color? Me with the neutral I was tending towards the grey. I thought it would tie in really nicely with the galvanized ice bucket secret compartment... But if we do the turquoise sail then maybe the aqua chairs might be fun? It is a pool deck after all. But what if we decide no the blue sail is too much after one summer and go more neutral next year and then I'm stuck with aqua chairs??? I normally am very impulsive when it comes to such home decisions but you can see my dilemma... And as a second sidebar, yes the big giant black wires are hideous and with no pergola to disguise them we are going to remedy that as well.
So please. Let me know your thoughts... What color sail? What color chairs? Should we admit ourselves to some kind of diy anonymous group? Please help me decide! And then in my head I go instantly to what type of flowers I'm going to have in my pots out back! Everything hinges on these decisions people!



  1. i think we need to get creative here with the seating. i'm actually going to ask my madre bc she's great at this. as far as color thing - i'd go neutral bc fading. they say they dont fade but alas.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Could Matt build some bench type seating on all sides where the railing is? That would provide a ton of seating, but not all out in the middle of the deck. I’m feeling a pop of color for the awning, too! Turquoise is always fun!

  3. Blue sun sail, colored chairs, maybe yellow or dandelion orange-y. what about a bench on the side of the deck for seating? flower box on each end? cooler box on each end that way people won't have to get up?


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