a day in the life

Morning morning! I know I did one of these back in January but my Wednesday's are pretty bananas so I thought hey! Let us add to the madness! 

6:45 a.m.: I have decided recently that well, getting up a second before I have to is silly so. I set my alarm for the exact same time as the big kids need to get up. I wake them up, handing them their iPads with timers set for a few minutes later. The soft wakening. I get their toothbrushes ready and then strip the beds. I set up the pack and play for my nephew as this is a babysitting day for me. Then I head downstairs to help Matt get the kids dressed and out the door by 7:20. During which time I have my coffee. I ran around the house and dusted quick because BB8 will get a lot of work done today.
7:45 a.m.: My sister comes over and drops off Harrison and Lena before heading off to work. I have some cruise excursion info to finish up so he sits with my in the office while I send that stuff off to various people. Lena and Dom play in the playroom. I fold the laundry from the night before and put that away, getting out the kid's outfits for tomorrow and their pjs for tonight. Then Harrison goes down for his morning nap.
8:45 a.m.: While he naps the twins and I head into the basement. They play in the play area making just a mell of a hess while I get my run in. Lots of running. I've been watching Grace and Frankie lately when I run but with the language I settled on Beauty and the Beast in case Lena decided to watch what I was watching.
9:45 a.m.: Matt and I have recently changed when we work out together back to the evenings again. There was just something about a light cardio at the end of the day once the kids were in bed that we enjoy. But since today is Wednesday that means that we have church tonight so I won't be able to do that. But since the kids are playing so well I figure might as well right! So I get that work out in too. I'm reading Diana Gabaldon's Seven Stones to Stand or Fall. I wrap up here shortly and head upstairs to get the kids a snack and put a movie on so I can hopefully hop in the shower that I so desperately need. The kids choose Boss Baby.
10:45 a.m.: Harrison woke right as I headed up for my shower but that's okay I brought up some toys for him in the pack and play while I showered. My sheets are dry so I also made my bed. And my hair really needed a trim so I did that as well. He's a fan. That little handsome man. Then I head down to give him his lunch.
11:45 a.m.: Once baby's lunch is done then it's time for the rest of us to have some. Lena takes forever and a day to eat her's but that's okay because her brother is entertained by it all and I don't mind chatting with her. I make the rest of the beds upstairs and then release BB8 to do his job up there. 
12:45 p.m.: The kids want to finish up Boss Baby which they did. I thought Harrison might like to watch Little Einsteins, which he did. But that brought all the kids back to the yard and so I got some couch cuddles. The best! Dom was really showing a lot more interest in his baby cousin than he normally does and it just made me have far too many feelings! He would be such a good big brother! I need another baby! Those types of healthy thoughts...
1:45 p.m.: Lena and Harrison both go upstairs for their respective naps/quiet time and then it's coffee time for me! Dom's busy going between dinosaur shows on Netflix and the play room... And I'm just sort of zoning out at this point. In between trips upstairs to give Harrison his pacifier or to check on Lena of course. The kids get off the bus at 2:20 and that's when the real fun begins!
2:45 p.m: The kids finish what is left of their lunches while I pack the lunches once more for tomorrow. I empty out their folders and figure out what homework needs to be done or what needs my signature, etc. Letty takes full advantage of this time for some Netflix viewing. Which I eventually put the kabosh on and make everyone do their homework. Always a pleasant experience for my eldest and I... Harrison wakes up at some point during this whole mess and I just carry him around while I get stuff done.
3:45 p.m.: My sister needs to get the kids early so she can get to a soccer thing for Lena so I have them all packed up and ready to go. Letty goes full mothering on Harrison, shushing and rocking away... Those poor big kids being at school all day don't get to hang out with their cousins! How rude, Letty would say.
4:45 p.m.: Matt takes the boys upstairs to give them their baths (oh thank you Matt!) as it is new bed night and Letty asks me to color with her. Which, I usually never do but I'm not sure why I haven't! It was a very calming activity for us both and hey, no fighting about power words! We spent the better part of an hour coloring away and talking about whatever all while listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. Which we can't wait to go see.
5:45 p.m.: Because tonight is a church night we eat a  bit earlier than usual. Matt makes a sausage/spinach/sweet potato thing for us adults and the kids eat chicken nuggets and tater tots. Super healthy right? Ah well. We try. Sometimes. I get the kid's clothes down for the next day and basically do our whole get the kitchen ready for the morning routine... Then it is off to church!
6:45 p.m.: David is missed by his leaders and his friends but ya know what? If you can't handle getting ready in the  morning without whining then to church that night you do not go. So he stays and is in bed at his normal time of seven. Sorry friends! This song that the kids have been learning during the worship portion of the evening has been in my head for weeks and I am just so thankful that my kids haven't been able to find it on YouTube! It's there. But I'm not telling them that. Then we head off to the gym after this where they basically run around for twenty minutes straight while I try and count all 17 first graders over and over again.
7:45 p.m.: Next up is story time! Letty crawls up on my lap and listens to the parting of the Red Sea story... asking me zero questions. I feel like I would have had a lot of questions? I just try and count her freckles and enjoy the fact that she's hanging out with me. Which is why I volunteer at all. After this part the kids get snacks and then their parents come and get them. I drive our neighborhood girls home after all the kids are picked up.
8:45 p.m.: Letty is showered and in bed even if she is amped and I'm finally putting my feet up to watch Seinfeld with Matt. We've been really loving watching that show all over again! It just never gets old. 
9:45 p.m.: The heat automatically goes down after a certain point and so of course the natural reaction is to turn on the fireplace. We go to bed shortly after this point, having exhausted our DVR for the night and well because we too are exhausted.
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