and a happy easter weekend to all!

We have ourselves a nice long holiday weekend happening here, and even though I wish some of the days could have been used as snow make up days ah well, not hating having my kids with me. We have lots of fun plans and family coming in from New York and egg hunts to be had and the like. So it is good.

It wouldn't be a holiday without me dressing up these three and taking a few quick pictures just because.... well I've done it every other year and if I stop now surely something horrible will happen right? And so I leave you all for the weekend wishing you a lovely Easter! 

the kid's easter baskets

I went with a general plan this year for the kids as far as their Easter baskets go... I mean there are just only so many toys we can have in our house right? There are toys in their rooms... toys in the playroom... toys in the basement. So I wanted to do something more along the lines of "useful" rather than just more junk. Sure there are a few junk things thrown in because well, my theme was "summer" and as "summer" has not shown her pretty face yet I wanted them to have something they could play with while they wait.

an egg hunt

We still had snow on the ground over the weekend so all the thoughts of an outdoor egg hunt definitely fled my mind.  I'm just not doing it. I am tired of being cold. Which is quite lucky then that I remembered this lovely indoor egg hunt we did last year. I gathered up the troops (family) and off we went to our local hardware store for an egg hunt extravaganza!

please oh please be our final snow day

This Wednesday, just like a great big chunk of the Mid Atlantic and New England region had ourselves a bit of a snow day. Our largest snowfall of the year if I am remembering properly. It snowed for over 12 hours straight.... which I can't remember happening in a very long time. It was just very rude for the second day of spring to involve buckets and buckets of snow... the cardinals and robins were all quite confused by it as well. But if you can't go anywhere you might as well make the most of it yes? I held the kids off until about 9:30 (you're welcome neighbors) and sent them off to the great frigid unknown with more layers than I can count... All while standing with the door wide open so I could cool myself off. Someday they will all dress themselves and I'll miss this right?

Probably not this part of it. Ha! We decided to try out the hill behind our fence and well well! It worked out just great! We spent the better part of the morning out there going down our own little hill over and over again. I cannot believe it's been four years and we have yet to try it but... there you have it.

an afternoon dying eggs.

We went full on kid egg dye time this year. Each one (minus the babies of course) got to dye three hard boiled eggs and one blown (thanks Aunt Beth and Nonna!). They were just so excited to get started that they beat us to it, with me rushing around getting the dye ready whilst threatening my boys to not touch. I'm sure you can imagine how quickly this went for all the kids. Well, minus Lena because she just really likes to soak up the moment. God bless that girl. Nonna reminded us all that we only dye eggs just this once a year so we should enjoy it... And I've heard that a time or 35 and well, she's right. The kids let the eggs dry and went off to play while the moms each dyed just one egg of their own. We didn't have any crazy Pinterest ideas this year... just dye. Some paint. 

a deck update and a poll!

Alright so I need your help. Please please pretty please. But first, a little background...

Our deck is not very large. It gets full sun, morning to night. It gets hot. It gets crowded. We like to entertain and I have a very large family. So you can imagine what the deck situation was like when we had 15 people at once attempting a pool day. Matt and I also like to lay in the sun (don't tell our dermatologists) (who am I kidding they take one look the two of us and go, yup, sun worshipers). We had a pergola up for years that covered approximately 80% of the deck, but the poles were sort of always in the way, again with the crowding situation. I took these pictures on Sunday after Matt took down the pergola and removed the kid gates because well, we don't need them anymore (wah!). And yes, she needs a power wash and stain. Desperately. Here is what the deck looked like at the start of last summer, just as a reference. I'm also thinking this iron bench may be moved just to clear up more space? But it is nice to have some extra seating... we will have to see! Not all of our chairs are out either, four of them are still in basement storage...

a day in the life

Morning morning! I know I did one of these back in January but my Wednesday's are pretty bananas so I thought hey! Let us add to the madness! 

6:45 a.m.: I have decided recently that well, getting up a second before I have to is silly so. I set my alarm for the exact same time as the big kids need to get up. I wake them up, handing them their iPads with timers set for a few minutes later. The soft wakening. I get their toothbrushes ready and then strip the beds. I set up the pack and play for my nephew as this is a babysitting day for me. Then I head downstairs to help Matt get the kids dressed and out the door by 7:20. During which time I have my coffee. I ran around the house and dusted quick because BB8 will get a lot of work done today.

our weekend

The happiest of Mondays to all! Not that I'm happy about it per se but I am trying. I'd give myself a solid B effort.

Our weekend started off on the right foot with a lovely lunch with a friend. I really enjoy these monthly long lunches let me tell you! Matt was even able to watch Dom for this one so that was really a bit treat!

and a happy saint patrick's day! eve!

You know how we do... We have a festive shirt; we put them all on and we take pictures.  And mom wouldn't have it any other way! This may be the last year we get it to all happen that way so hey! Even more reason! We are celebrating tonight with our most favorite Irish family, our Fitzs (also the kind giver of said Irish wear)! Matt is going to get beer and make some potatoes and drag it through South Boston. Thanks for comin' out! 

Sorry this is the time of year I quote a lot of Boondock Saints. Anyways enjoy the holiday! Or don't, depending on what you do. But hey! It's the weekend! Cheers to that!

moversary. four years!

So much has changed since we moved back to the town where I pretty much grew up. We have ourselves a whole other human... Two kids are now in school full time... And inside these four walls the changes happen at a break neck pace. I usually enjoy doing a little square of photos to compare to one I took when we first moved in but that is always missing some major major rooms. So this year I thought I'd do a little side by side. I'm not sure a room went by that was unchanged in the year... typical! I tried to recreate the angle and spot that Matt took when he took these but alas, he is a bit taller than I so I did the best I could.

First up of course on this virtual tour is the foyer... The top of each photo is how the house looked when we purchased it... Bottom is how it looks yesterday. Obv.

charter day charter day!

This past Sunday was Charter Day here in Pennsylvania. Now I realize quite a few fellow Pennsylvanians don't know what Charter Day is let alone the rest of you... It's a historical day involving, you guessed it, a charter. But what I enjoy most about it is that on this day all state museums are free. So we always go to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. It is most fun. Trains. Climbing aboard them. Going under them. Going over them. Asking any whatever question that pops into David's head. Pulling levers and such.

This year we were there exactly at opening which I would highly recommend. We got a good parking spot and were able to go on all the trains without having to wait in any lines. I know Letty is over this whole train thing but she at least puts up with it. For how many more years I just don't know. And who knows, maybe next year we will try a different state museum. Who's to say. 

shrek! the musical!

We always go to my brother's school for our Spring musical needs, traditionally. I knew that my alma mater was going to be presenting Shrek but was sort of "eh" about it all. I have seen the Shrek movies more times than I can count and was just not all about watching a musical version. However, the theater department is no lot of fools and so they went behind my back to each elementary school and gave a little preview to all the little kiddos. So you can imagine where this is going. The kids were super excited and begged to go.... Naturally. I could be naive and assume David could handle it but we all know that was a gamble that I would be loathe to take. So just Letty and I went, with David getting a consolation prize of ice cream and an early bed time.

While waiting in line to get tickets earlier in the week we ran into some friends of ours who graciously suggested we just get tickets together so the girls could all sit and watch together. So that is just what we did. Hey, she even picked us up on show night, so I mean, service!

The girls loved the musical! Especially the ogre farts. An entire scene made up of farts is such a hit with the kids! And hey, that donkey man, he's quite funny! These productions are so much work and I cannot imagine how tired those high schoolers are after this weekend! Good for you guys!


our weekend

Oh weekends! I lament the ending of each and every one of them! Of course it never helps knowing there is a full five day week ahead of us. We have been so spoiled since the new year I feel like! Hey maybe that impending Nor Yeaster will do more locally than they are counting on? 

As I mentioned last week our weekend started off with a viewing of our school district's rendition of Shrek. The Musical. More on that you know when.
Saturday morning little miss had herself field hockey bright and early while I hung out with the other hockey moms and Matt watched the boys. He spent the remainder of the day on a project out in the garage.
We met with Letty's tutor after lunch and we really like her! I can't wait for her to get started this week and even Letty agrees! I think this will be really good for her. Saturday night we had dinner at my parent's and they did this whole bbq in March thing that I just really love. We overate and then some but it was all so delicious it cannot be helped.
Sunday (cursed Daylight Savings Time!) after the usual blah Sunday back-to-school prep we headed down to the railroad museum sine it was Charter Day. More on that you guessed when.
Once back at home Matt took to his latest project, making raised garden beds in our backyard for a future vegetable garden (two, to be exact). I put the kids in play clothes and sent them out back to assist. They came back in hours later and filthy but exhausted in the way fresh air exhausts kids.  And me? I finished up another book during this rare quiet afternoon and now need to hit up the library first thing today.
The kids went straight to their assorted tubs because my goodness my OCD was in overdrive. We had dinner and the kids wanted to watch Shrek in the basement before bed... just ending the weekend where it started I suppose....
What about you? How was your weekend?


some thoughts on a friday

Well happy happy Friday all! Even with our midweek snow day I am really looking forward to this weekend. I'm taking Letty to see the Shrek musical our high school is putting on tonight with a few of her little lady friends and their mama's... Tomorrow is field hockey and meet her tutor day... and Sunday is Charter Day which is always a favorite. All that to say this weekend will be good. But first! Some thoughts of mine this week... While we cheers to the weekend...
This song has been on repeat these days. I have been all about this style of music because please oh please can it be summer and I be by our pool all tan and relaxed! Please!

I've been put in charge of researching excursions for our upcoming cruise this summer and while I don't like necessarily being in charge I sure do love the massive spreadsheet I've got going on! The columns. The headings. I am just such a sucker for a good comparison spread sheet.

I realize that we have been so far behind the times here but the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is just so so good! I love me some 1950's TV and she is just so funny! I've said it before and I'll say it again but I really love that decade! But me being a whole like supportive silent wife type? That wouldn't work. I'm far too vocal. Anyways, so good!

I just finished Dan Brown's Origins in like a hot minute on our snow day and I liked it of course.... his books are always such a quick read but goodness maybe I have read too many of them and I'm just on to him. I called it!

Speaking of called it we watched Get Out and while yes, okay,  I always read ahead in movies I did not read the script but the whole "I'm TSA" line I totally made up before it happened. So basically, I'm a script writer.

Our Alexa has it out for me. She ignores me and seems to listen mainly to male voices. She is giving me a complex is what I'm saying. Anyone else have this issue? Maybe I just don't talk to her enough?

Anyways... Happy weekend all! We made it!


an indoor houseplant update!

Plant babies! I really have taken things too far with all the greenery inside my house these days! But well, it makes me happy. I don't get anything too high maintenance of course because I'm not that much of a plant lady but still. My weekly watering sessions where I walk around and check on each and every one is my most favorite of house chores. We all know I can't go to the greenhouse without walking out of there with a few new succulents or hey maybe even more plants and sometimes both. I may be at capacity here for a bit though... We shall see. To be continued on that front! 

I did no research before these purchases. Or after come to think of it. I just confirmed lighting requirements before buying and that's all she wrote! There was a sale! I cannot be blamed! And so here they are... my newest additions. I did this last winter too. Apparently it's a thing.

The tag on this beauty said Pothos Golden. Pretty sure that is maddeningly unhelpful. I have had this hanging basket from my Stephanie for over a year now and just got around to deciding it needed a plant.
This is a Maidenhair Fern. I'm such a fan of the foliage on her! I am loving the fact that now that my kids are a little older and trustworthy (for the most part) I can put plants in different areas. This table I would normal have never dared but now that my no toys in the living room rule is listened too she will be just fine. 
No idea, I really should take better notes. If I had to guess I would guess this is in the dracanaena family?
I lied the orchid I have tried to grow before and I have failed. But the African violet never before. So I'm a little nervous excited with these two.
I have no idea what this is called. I love the little leaves though.
I was under the impression this was a succulent but Mama Trovato said it's a jade plant. Hey who knows maybe it is both? I like it either way.
This tag read: Aridisia Humilis. Which I can not pronounce let alone tell you what it is. It had a tropical plant label as well.
Air plants! Some of these were hand me downs and some new purchases. Can't get much easier and they really seem to enjoy the riddling rack. I wish they weren't so expensive or I'd have a whole lot more. Like I need more plants.
If anyone has any tips or pointers with these new babies of mine I'm all eyes! 

Oh and p.s. if anyone is still wondering about Madam Fiddle Leaf she is doing just fine overall in her corner of the dining room!


pretending it is spring on this snowy day

Yeah yeah, another day of snow. It's March. Came in like a lion and all of that. Maybe that's why I never feel like decorating for Easter? I'm in such a funk and in dire need of vitamin d and that gorgeous sunshine. But I finally got over myself earlier this week and put it out, for the kids, you see. It's not much decor as far as I normally go but it is what it is. I thought Target's Dollar Spot might beef up my collection a bit but I was so disappointed! Was I too late to the game? 

Anyways. I'll just be over here sipping my coffee and pretending it's spring... Not looking outside and getting depressed about the ridiculous snow.
And for that last photo? You're welcome.