updated kitchen chairs!

I told you that I would share the finished chairs and I cannot disappoint anyone! We were graced with a snow day last week just like I mentioned so I had the entire day to work on these chairs. I did have to enlist Matt and the help of our Mumford & Sons Pandora station because man were these a pain! Matt ended up having to remove the seats and strip them down for the stain to take hold so that also added another annoyance factor. But considering we got them done in a day I'd say: worth it.
And just for fun! I really had to search down deep into the bowels of my pictures folder on my computer for this bad boy but look at the original table and chairs! At our first ever home together! Almost eleven and a half years ago! Buy new chairs say you? Ha, say we! And man you think my style has changed a lot in the past two years goodness you should have seen our apartment! This picture is move in day so obviously not much is happening.... still... Yikes.