the fire and ice festival

I just love the neighboring town of Lititz. It's a wonderful little place and they always have a lot going on. One such goings on is the annaul Fire and Ice Festival. Now I have heard the actual carving of the ice sculptures to be the coolest thing to see but Friday night I just wasn't feeling like heading out in to the wet for it. See also: crowds. But that didn't stop us from going the next morning, and dragging my parents along to boot. I think I read that there are something like 50 sculptures lining the streets of Lititz? There was a good amount to be sure. Some big, some small. Dom looked at each one and would yell, WHAT! A TRUCK!?! Only to repeat the excited sentiment half a block down at the next one. 

We walked. We wandered. We antiqued a bit. And of course stopped for snacks at the nice row of food trucks gathered to celebrate. 
I would love to see the sculptures all lit up at night, I bet they look awesome. Maybe when the kids are older and maybe when I've grown into less of a hate crowded situations type girl... Maybe then.



  1. omg i want that pretzel. and wilbur. and your babes. and and and. maybe some cooler weather? ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. OMG I'm so glad I saw this. I've been wondering what those festivals are like! That's so cool!


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