some favorites on a friday

Happy Friday all! I'm closing out the week sharing some of my favorite things at the moment... 

//My new ring from Indie and Harper that Matt got me for Christmas. I had been staring at this thing lovingly online for months and months and adding it to my cart and removing it from my cart and trying to find a similar one and coming up empty handed... and finally Matt just had enough of hearing about it and got it for me. It. Is. Amazing.

//BB8. Okay so if you didn't know, my parents gifted us with a Roomba. Letty named ours BB8. He is my new best friend. I am not even embarrassed by that statement. I love to watch him clean and I do actually talk to him. He does such a great job he deserves some encouragement! He cleans under my treadmill people. And my couches. I love when I can't find him and have to use the app to locate him and he plays a little tune for me. He is just the most amazing little addition to the family. He's currently vacuuming my playroom as I type this... I could go on for days about my love for this little robot of ours.

//Coffee coffee coffee. It's just been so cold and I wear so many layers or I have to sit by the fire just to warm up... coffee gives my body the caffeine and the heat it so desperately needs. In other words: life. I've kicked my newly acquired creamer habit (I'm looking at you pumpkin spice) and now I'm back to basic black and that's ok! It needed to happen.

//Magnolia magazine. Oh this is just such a dose of my favorite TV couple! I look forward to getting this for months and I'm just so happy my friend (thanks Amanda!) let me have a few of her old magazines so I could see if I'd like them. How could I not like them is the better question!? There's a little bit of everything in there of course, not just decor. And thanks be to the husband who just went ahead and got me a subscription after I didn't budge from the couch after first receiving them... He's just the best!
//New plants! Give me all the new little green beauties during these cold and gray months! I love to peruse the greenhouse and just want to take them all home with me. I've really been waiting very impatiently for our local greenhouses to start carrying olive trees because I have to have one of those! I may need to start hanging them from my ceiling because as it stands now my dining room already looks like a greenhouse. Which is great! I just need more space. And maybe some plants that can handle a not-so-sunny room situation...That would open up more possibilities.... Any suggestions?
//My PopSockets! I first heard of these on a post Brittany had up here recently and I was like uhm... what is a PopSockets? So I took to the google and then I decided that yeah, I drop my phone like all the time and I should have this in my life! I love it so much. I do find myself constantly popping it out... popping it in... it's like my very own fidget spinner. But it is handy I'd say. I'd imagine with a larger phone it would be huuuuuge.
//Mrs. Meyers basil scent hand soap is the thing of my dreams right now. That smell I just love! And their lavender cleaning supplies too! Goodness. I find myself just washing my hands because it's there and it smells so wonderful! I'm really looking forward to checking out some of the other things that line has. Because apparently I am crawling out from under a rock or something. I got a few candles too of theirs and I haven't bought candles in years. I don't really even plan on burning them just letting the smell fill the air as I waltz right on by...
//Our second newest technological addition, Alexa! My oh my how much fun we have been having with her! Especially the whole, Alexa, add wine to grocery list. No, just us? Okay okay so I'm teasing it's mainly like Alexa, add bread and milk to the store list type thing but how fun is that! She can also start up and stop the aforementioned BB8 and see also change the temperature in our house. Do you have an Echo? What fun things does she do for you?
//Stating the obvious here but: weekends! My favorite time of the week is unpacking the kid's lunches on a Friday and chucking the boxes into a cabinet for two days. Take that lunch! No routines and no schedules and hey you wanna watch a movie? Let's make popcorn and make that happen for you!

Enjoy your weekend all! Soak up every last second!