so what’s new with you?

Well here we are thankfully, in February. January is on my list as far as worst month ever goes. Followed by March. Why weather, why? At least this month has some fun festiveness in it with Valentine's Day, even if I could care less about it. It's still there. Something to do.
So my friends what is new with you? This past month has held a whole lot of inside hunker down type activities... I feel like we've been keeping busy and yet doing nothing at all at the same time. We have our week full of activities... Visit my Grammy on Monday's, Girl Scouts, Letty's classroom volunteering on Tuesday, watch my niece and nephew followed by church on Wednesday's, David's classroom volunteering on Friday's... and then so goes the cycle week to week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But we have gotten through January just the same. One step closer to warmer weather!

The kids are in the playroom as I'm writing this and the word "epic" is flying out of there over and over. This tower isn't epic. That track is epic. And so on and so forth. I'd tell them to knock it off that it's annoying but it's preferable to any potty talk. 

Speaking of potty and well, my youngest... You can pretty much assume the child will go to preschool in his diapers. I have zero motivation to start with training with him and I don't know if that will change anytime soon. He can reach the door now in the van from his car seat (bear with me this is applicable) and he informs me this is because he "is growing up and he is getting bigger." So. Go. On. The. Potty. Big. Boy!!! (!!!) But he doesn't want to. Someday I'll officially snap and let's just hope that day is sooner rather than later.

The above sweatshirt? Super soft and I found it at Target on clearance for $10 I guess some stores vary but I felt like I hit the jackpot. I love me any Harry Potter wear and I mean Luna is just the most best in the most ridiculous of ways. We all could be a bit more like Luna.

David had a play date last week that ended very badly. I won't go into too many details because well someday he may try and gain employment and they might say well David we read your mother's blog and I'm sorry but what happened with your play date in the winter of 2018 cannot be ignored... Something like that. Or maybe that's just me projecting? It was bad. He is banned from play dates until he is.... oh I don't know. Eighteen? And I don't get it because as out of whack as David can get he is typically a very sweet and sensitive little boy. Oh the humanity!

I have heard that This is Us has something wrong with a crock pot and Jack and well maybe I'll just throw in the towel. I'm about a month (or two) behind on this season and seeing that... I mean. I know what happens but seeing it... Might be too much for me. Every time I watch the show and cry and curse it's creation I question my sanity and then yet go back for more. 

My brother and Sadie are taking Letty and I to see Mary Poppins at his high school this month and we are just so so so excited. It's our annual tradition and you know how I feel about traditions! They also gave us tickets to see another musical at the Fulton that I think we will use this summer. So glad that she has someone looking out for her and the arts. The girl loves her a musical. 

And as always some new Instagram accounts I have found... Elise. JuliaTorie. Karla. To name a few. Even with your silly algorithm Instagram, I love ya.

Anyways so all that rambling to say, what is new with you guys? Did January do you in like it did me? 

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