our weekend

I like to include Friday's in my weekend. And this past Friday was special in that I went down and took my niecee and Dom and I had a little day date. I took her to McDonald's for a Happy Meal because she had never had one, the horror. We hit up the wine store because well, Aunt Laurie had to do that. Then we went to Toyr R' Us and the kids just checked out every toy in every aisle... And then we wrapped it up with a cake pop from Starbucks for her and a coffee for me. It was wonderful.
After the kids got home we geared up for a night with our neighbors. Lots of laughs and drinks with four out of the six children falling asleep right where they lay. One of those nights. I'm no spring chicken anymore, but it was so fun!
Saturday was the day of the athleticism! Starting off with Letty's field hockey again first thing and then David's wiffleball tournament. Matt took them to both of these events and whoops we were not anticipating a two and a half our wiffleball session. I felt so bad for him because wow. Those kids. David's never played a game of baseball in his life but when it was all said and done he had a great time.
Then that evening was OTBN, more on that later as you can imagine.
Sunday we had brunch at my parent's with all the siblings and cousins galore and then Matt and I headed home for the what is now becoming dreaded Sunday routine. Pack the lunches. Get the clothes out for tomorrow. Do the pile of homework accumulated from Friday. You know the drill. We also did some house cleaning things... Matt was on a roll and did all the base moldings. Not for the faint of heart, that job. We also ran BB8 a bunch.

Let me tell you these past few days killed me. From Wednesday night on our nights were so late and long and totally out of the ordinary for us. We put the kids to bed by 6:30 last night in hopes everyone's batteries would be fully charged by morning. They slept and we watched the new Chris Rock stand up. We could all use a reboot. And the one who needed the most rebooting? This girl. Happy Monday all!