our weekend

Ah another weekend come and gone. I feel like my weekends these days are like fun and games Friday night and Saturday and then Sunday is back to school crap. I tend to let the kid's homework sit in a pile until Sunday... I have to prep the kid's clothes for the next day and chase down library books and prep lunches... Sunday is slowly becoming the Blue Sunday's of my working past... where I would lament the return of Monday and another work week. Almost the same thing. 


Our Friday was a little different in that Matt was out and about doing things and Dom and I tagged along. To Taco Bell. And then Walmart. And then Dunkin. Pretty solid afternoon and also a preview of how off the wagon we would fall this weekend.
Friday night was a lovely Fitz night where we celebrated Valentine's Day. More to come on that later.
When we got home that night we let Letty stay up really late watching Planet Earth 2 with us. I'll tell you what that show can be pretty intense even for Letty's standards. The hyenas in Mumbai? She even wanted to change it. 

Saturday was a real slow start around these parts. The kids sleeping in as best as they can do... Lots of playing in their pjs and making a mess of every floor of the house and putting the messes away after lots of demands on the end of their parents. My parents came over while my dad installed a space heater for Letty's room. We have tried many a thing to make her room warm for her during the cold winter months but we are finally calling it: we needed the big guns. My sister scared us all with the whole This is Us thing (I'm about eight episodes behind, I know!) and so my dad installed it up high where nothing and no one could touch it. And Matt painted it. And theeeeen Letty asked to hang up these memo boards instead of the shelves and we got rid of a lot of frames. It's like a big girls' room. And a warm one at that!
Saturday night we had friends of ours over.... young whippersnappers who can handle staying up past ten. We had a delicious spread of different apps and moscow mules and stayed up way past our bed time! And I mean way. But it's always fun catching  up with them and hearing what the cool kids are up to these days!
Sunday we had to make it to church because it was the first practice for Kids Choir and David was all about that. Dom and I matched too!
After church it was a lot of the aforementioned Sunday Blues crap. Packing lunches. Doing homework. The whole nine yards. The whole school is reading this really ridiculous book that I spend more time interrupting the reading of than actually reading. That was not very nice. We don't act that way. We do not call ourselves stupid. We do not pull hair. I mean it's just ridiculous! Anyways. Rant over.
We then got a surprise text from my Stephanie asking if we cared to join her family for chili later that afternoon and I mean, yes! We used to see her family all the time and since the move it has been pretty rare so it was very nice to catch up and I mean, seeing them twice in one weekend?! It's almost like the olden times! Such a fan! The kids tore around and were generally loud as they are together and we just spent time catching up and eating all the good foods. And I took no photos. Which is alarming to us all.

We put the kids to bed right on schedule and then sat down to watch Bethenney's new show. Has anyone else seen it? How were all of your weekends?