our weekend!

Ah weekends. How fast you go by... This weekend we actually picked ourselves up a little bit, brushed off the accumulated January dust and actually did some things. Nothing too crazy here like venture out in the cold or anything but still, we did things.

Friday once the kids got home and I threw those lunch boxes (nasty little things) into their cabinet I bathed all the kids. Remove all the germs. I used to always hold Dom like this and Just smile at him and we would make faces and giggle into the mirror... It may be the last time it happens though. He's getting a bit... large.
Then my brother-in-law and his family came over for dinner and drinks and mayhem. Holly and I have been spending a few Thursday mornings rewatching the Twilight series and we hadn't quite finished up New Moon so we did that too... And then we decided that Matt's youngest brother should be in on the action and we Facetimed with him; the phone being passed from adult to child and back to an adult again. I'm sure Dan is still recovering from his motion sickness.
Saturday Letty left bright and early to head to the library for a Girl Scouts community service project. A neighbor drove her and her one girlfriend and then I picked them up a few hours later. Matt left for a car show in Philly with my brothers and dad... took a train in and spent the day doing that, leaving me with the kids for the day. We spent a few hours with my mom and sister and kids, getting take out and making a mell of a hess in my parent's basement.
Meanwhile the men were having zero fun times in Philly...
After a short break at home I took the kids and headed over to the neighboring county to join up with Matt's aunt and uncle and their kids and their kids to celebrate two birthdays! We rarely get together with the whole lot of them and even though Matt couldn't go I felt like I couldn't pass that up! Aunt Sue had out quite the spread and the kids played with all the toys in all the land.... and see also really got rowdy with their second cousins and some balloons.... And of course happy birthday to Drew and Hailey! I literally cannot believe that Drew was still wombside at our wedding and now he is eleven. 

The kids were so amped when they got home and their daddy was back! Plus he had all these great videos of cars and pictures of Mater and so on to share.... But I said to bed! To bed, I said!

Sunday we relaxed at home all morning... the kids making messes and unmaking them... me watering my plants babies and whispering sweet nothings into their leaves.... Please grow... thank you for not making a mess with legos. I hate legos. It snowed for a few hours and then it didn't....
We then headed over to my parent's house for a Super Bowl Pre-Game Dinner! I say pre-game because well, it's a school night and if we make the mistake of starting our week off with a late night we are regretting it the entire week long. My parents put out sooo much yummy and bad for me food! And balloons! And we got all the cousins together in a photo with their grandparents and Audrey was there! And laying her down right next to Harrison just gives me so many feelings! Oh how fast it all goes!
We were home quite early in the game as I said.... weekends ending on a high note right? How was your weekend? Happy with the results of the game slash Justin Timberlake concert?