open that bottle night!

This is like the week of the iPhone photo only posts. It is what it is.

So you know we don't leave our kids. Like ever. Naught but twice a year. Once for our anniversary and once for this event. We have gone for years. We love the wine. We love the people. And we always have ourselves quite the good time laughing the night away. There's always a ton of great food and then we have a game or two followed by the tasting of the wines that every attendee brings. The theme this year was Fire & Ice which was actually pretty difficult but we made it work out alright. I also happened to win both the games which was sheer luck, as it were. They even had prizes! These hosts I'll tell you. I especially loved how Jim was rocking a necklace his grandson gave him while simultaneously using a magnifying glass to read off the answers to the quiz. They crack me up...

We Ubered there and back which seeing as this was only the second and third time we have used Uber was nerve wracking for us. This stranger could just take us anywhere! We also tried something new and let the kids stay at my parent's house for a little sleepover. Which we then crashed of course because one just never knows what time Dom will wake up in the morning. It all worked out wonderfully even if David slept on Dominic and Letty was wide awake when we returned at 11:30. Figures we get this whole thing planned out expecting to be out super late and for once we weren't the first ones out of there.
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