oops i did it again. a dining room update.

Two days in a row with chairs I mean really Laurie, branch back out to talking about your children like the obsessed mother you are already!

I mentioned a few posts back that my mother officially gave her decree that my dining room chairs (belonging to my grandparents) needed to go. Of course I was sad to see them go but she was right. You all agreed too. Well, those few of you that commented on it! So I listed them on Facebook Marketplace and they were gone in a few days. More on that later though because that is another tale in and of itself. After lots and lots of searching on all of my favorite sites I stumbled across these trattoria chairs. I don't think you can go wrong for that price, my goodness! 

They are sturdy and will hold up to 400 pounds which is major in my house. They don't leave marks on my tile floors and they are super light weight. And they stack. And they are indoor/outdoor. Anyways you can't go wrong with them. They definitely take some getting used to compared to the old big bulky ones but I love the way they look in this room! On a side note I am looking forward to moving those palms back out on the deck... where they belong.
Okay so the tale of selling the chairs! So this woman comes to get them and we load them into her vehicle somehow and then she looks at me and says, "Listen I don't tell people this often but I read people.... and I just have soooo much to say to you. You know what I'm talking about. I'm getting teared up right now just thinking about it and you know why! Can I give you a hug???" Okay so I have no idea how I feel on the subject of people "reading" other people... But when I was carrying my grandparent's chairs out to the garage I was of course feeling some feelings over them. I sort of had like a goodbye chairs moment and I was feeling nostalgic. I remember when they first arrived at my house I used to walk by and sniff them because they just had my grandparent's house smell on them. No one else that crazy? Anyways I did. So all that to say... maybe this woman had something to share with me. Who's to say?

All that aside what do we think of the new chairs?!