kitchen table update. again.

We are just turning ourselves into a little DIY blog over here aren't we? I promise it won't last forever... some day we will get back outside and start having adventures and all of that and I cannot wait for that day but for now our focus has been inwards because, what else is there?

After the whole coffee table thing Matt decided that our kitchen table should also get the same treatment. So he pulled the whole thing (and the bench as well) apart and gave it all a little face lift. I did my distressing thing to the legs and there you have it! Except of course you may notice the kitchen chairs are nowhere to be seen and that is because they have a redder stain on them and they just do not look right at all with the new table. So I hope to be spending my day today (if it's a snow day that is) painting and staining them to match the table. I'll be sure to share those finished chairs as well lest you fret!
Vast improvement right? This table situation in our kitchen has had quite the saga... from it's first debut here to the addition of the bench... that later got broken in an unfortunate Thanksgiving incident... to it's new top that Matt just whipped up one day out of nowhere here....All leading up to as it stands today.... It's something isn't it?