diy vintage inspired shoe rack

I am so in love with this newest Handy Matty creation! I'm not sure why I didn't share it the second he finished it last week but! Better late than never! I wanted an open shelving type storage situation for our dining room to go under the riddling racks and I wanted Matt to make it of course. We spent some time searching and loved the antique industrial shoe racks that kept popping up left and right. Now. Obviously purchasing one would be easier but Matt, as he does, knew he could make it. It was super fun for me because I feel like even though we got inspiration from antique pieces it was almost like we designed it ourselves. I picked my custom height, length and depth... Stain color... Certain aspects of certain racks that I liked or didn't like. The wheels were a must so that when we host my entire family we can just move it out of the way to clear up some space. They are actually from my Grandma's wine rack that always graced the corner of her dining room and I just love that feature!

I think that it turned out so so so great and I had the best time filling it up with different things I had acquired. I'm sure I'll always be playing around with the items gracing these shelves but that's just fine by me!
Annnnd naturally during the course of this whole thing I also got a shutter for the one wall where the wrought iron wine rack used to be and then this cute little bench for on the hutch. Home Decor Warehouse in my hometown takes all my money.

What do you guys think? Have we gone and lost our minds? Probably. But hey, at least we are insane together yes? My mother thinks that it's time for me to officially get rid of the bulky dining room chairs and as mothers are, she's right. Just need to get Matt on board with that! Oh how our dining room has changed through the four years we have lived here! I think it's probably my favorite room in the house... maybe that's because of all the plants... hmmm...