ballocity at the works

When Matt decided to take off for President's Day so he could spend the day with the kids and I we knew we couldn't just stay around inside the house. The kids only seem to get on each other's nerves when they are cooped up inside. Just mine? The messes are greater, the yelling is louder, the fights are more intense. I love them for sure, but I love it even more when they all have fun and get along.

Which is how we landed on The Works in the neighboring county of Berks. It's a restaurant and bar but also an arcade but also a kid's indoor amusement playland. And Matt found a whole bunch of coupons so somehow the entire outing only cost us like $50? For a meal for five, two alcoholic drinks and the ballocity admission for five as well... Pretty much a steal. 

Ballocity is intense. It's just like the one we have here in Lancaster at Go N' Bananas. This was Dom's first time. Okay and Matt and I's as well. Normally I stay outside of these things and just hover from afar but with Dom going in we felt we too must go in. And go we did. We were exhausted practically immediately. Once we got the lay of the land and realized there was only one exit we parked ourselves near said exit and just kept our eyes on the kids. Which worked out fabulously. 

The kids tore around for over 2 hours and had the very best time. Their laughter and giggles could be heard across the mayhem of shooting balls from every direction. And they basically stuck together and hung out together, which makes my mama heart super happy.
We will definitely be doing more Ballocity trips in our future.... and a note to self? Put the kids in clothes more appropriate for August weather. Because those kids? They be sweaty. And also bring lots of extra waters. Because those kids? They be thirsty.