a musical tradition: mary poppins!

Every year since Letty was two, her Uncle T takes her (and myself) to my brother's school's musical. It's become quite the thing we all look forward to. This year his school was doing Mary Poppins and we couldn't have been more excited to see a favorite acted out right in front of our very eyes! Which we did last Thursday. A school night, I know. But if anyone can stay up till past 11 pm and then get up for school before 7 am the next day it is Letteria.
The kids did such an awesome job I can't even with all that talent! The choreography which I mean I expected for "Steppin' Time" but for that ridiculously long word I can't even begin to spell? Supercali... you know the one. I can't even spell it and they had such intense moves for it. Go them! As always I get all nostalgic whenever I hear "Tuppence a Bag" because goodness Letty had that on her lullaby cd that played on repeat for the first two plus years of her life and therefore it was my nightly companion as well... Oh those long lost baby years! Anyways the show was awesome and those high schoolers nailed it. The end.
And of course after the show my brother and Sadie kindly let us stop at Sheetz for Letty's post musical milkshake tradition. Thanks so much to them for taking us along every year! Gotta give these kids some culture in with all their mystery egg videos on YouTube am I right?
Prior year's musicals here, here, and here! These nights go back before the blog! Oh the humanity!