a friend's valentine's

This past Friday was our "I have no idea how many annual at this point Fitz Valentine's Day Celebration!" This first started out of necessity, four best friends living next door to each other with very very little children and hey, let's get together and eat fancy food in our sweatpants! Genius! We no longer live next door of course but we still love to keep this tradition alive! Even if the dress code has gotten a little bit fancier over the course of the years.

The Fitzs hosted us this time and typical of Steph they went all out! Themed plates and huge lollipops for the kids... heart shaped quesadillas... steak and salad and the very best cupcakes ever! And wine! We brought the now famous farro salad and Matt made crab cakes. That's what Maryland does. So we all ate and caught up and had ourselves the best visit! I'm so glad that we still keep doing this even as life is getting away from us! Our babies are no longer so little and while that sure makes for more uninterrupted adult conversations it also means everyone is busier going here and there and everywhere. So I'm just saying I love our Fitz time is all. 
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