a day of school parties!

This Wednesday past held two very important things in the kid's lives. The 100th day of school and Valentine's Day. I guess just get it all over with in one big giant swoop right? The kids will be so amped and sugared up, might as well?

David's 100th day party was in the morning bright and early and we had a little surprise for him! They needed more volunteers and so Matt decided to come on in and we just knew it would make David's day to see his daddy in the classroom. Mommy coming in is pretty great but daddy? The bee's knees. All the kiddos were dressed like 100 year olds and they were just so stinking cute! The glasses! The little girls with wrinkles drawn on? It was just too much. They were all very calm which I wasn't expecting, hunkering down to their counting activities... As you may remember from last year we just loved Letty's teacher and love her more and more now with David. Fingers crossed Dom will have her too... in a decade because that's how many more years I have with him at home with me.... Most of these are her photos because she is amazing and shares lots of them with us throughout the day. My love language. Right up there with coffee.
We left the school and I went to go get Dom from my parent's and Matt went off to work. I had enough time to run home and eat something quick before running Dom over to my sister's so I could head into the school again for Letty's Valentine's Day party. It takes a village am I right people? The kids played some games and made Valentine's (for their parents por favor) and of course did a lot of snacking. The big hit was going through all their Valentine's delivered from their friends and. not. eating. any. candy. That teacher of her's I'll tell you what. She's got this figured out.  We love her too by the way. Lucky in the teacher department all around!!
And in honor of the 100th day of school and all her teacher took a photo of each student with an app that ages them and it's hilarious and also creepy but they were sure a big hit! Letty plans on future wheel chair races when she is 100. I'll vote for that!
Oh such a fun day these kids had!