what ive been reading lately

I'ts been about four months since I've recapped what these eyes of mine have been reading and so! Books!
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
This was interesting. Sort of a Matrixy type idea but with a lot of old gaming talk. I was never a video game or arcade type person so it took me a bit to get past that. People plug in, go to school, work, etc. The creator of said plug in has hidden something... you get it, you win lots and lots of money. Competition ensues.

I had to read this before our trip south in the fall! Savannah is just so perdy! This book has all sorts of tales woven around following all types of people. Voodoo practicing, God fearing, drag queens, murder suspects... the whole gamut!

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
I really like this author. I find myself wanting to continue on reading which is how I like my books! After her grandmother dies Nell is left to solve a mystery of "who they are" and her search takes her across the globe to an old manor. Twists. Turns. Intrigue!

This was so not what I thought. It was darker and sadder than I was expecting but it was so so good! I love the south, especially reading about it during the time Sidda was a child. Oh those ya-ya's! To have such a gaggle of friends that transcends all manner of sins and heartbreak and time!

Like Water for Chocolate - Laura Esquirel
Also not what I thought. I was expecting the movie Chocolat. With Johnny Depp? The gypsies? I really must pay better attention. Each chapter started off as a cookbook entry and yet, not a cookbook.

The Night Circus - Eric Morgensten
Whimsical. That's how the librarian described this. And yes! Sort of reminds me of like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus? Magical and mythical and just plain off the charts from reality. I really enjoyed it. I hope this one becomes a movie some day!

The Bear & The Nightingale - Katherine Arden
A harder read for me... This was less engaging than I like them, in my opinion. Maybe that was because I started it on our way home from Disney and I was deeply upset about that? It's part of a series and I'm not sure I'll read further. It was a sort of religious zealot vs. ancient deep woods wive's tales tale. Yeah, that's it.

Jesus Land - Julia Scheere
This memoir did not disappoint. It was upsetting and tragic and sure doesn't make me ever want to step foot near a reform school but I found it such an interesting read. It's not pretty but it's worth reading.

Red Rising - Pierce Brown
At first I was like oh. Dystopian society. Check. Hunger games. Check. But then not so much. While yes it is all of those things it obviously has it's own spin on them. There are more of these and I may continue on.... And I should say it is more violent and graphic than Hunger Games. 

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton
Again with my love of Morton! While I've come to expect there to be a surprise or a twist in her tales but this one I did not see coming. And I see things coming! As with her book earlier in this post it involves a woman searching for answers to something that happened in her past, including her mother's past. 

Shrill - Lindy West
I had no idea who Lindy was before I started this memoir. I don't follow the comedy world. Or a lot of worlds she runs in for that matter... But I heard it was good and it was! She's funny and she's witty and I think I'd like her. I just would never win a debate with her. Ever. I don't have that sort of talent.

There you have it. Any good books you've stumbled upon recently?