some minor house updates

If we were to rate which time of the year I hate the most this would be my second least favorite. My first least favorite is back-to-school season. Which we are all well aware of. This time after the holidays is riiiight up there with school starting up again (when I about lose my mind). My calendar is empty, my house is empty, my soul is empty. Okay yes so I'm being dramatic. But I really really (really) hate it. I'm cold. And I'm bored. And this is when I typically do about a hundred and one house projects. Not like, organize the junk drawer, because I feel like I'm a decently organized individual so that stuff is already okay? I mean more like paint the entire living room, or redo your master bedroom. Stuff like that. And I've done it. Year after year. It just helps me get through the rough time till the not-so-rough time arrives.

Thing is, there's just not that much left to be done. Yes I have a project or two in mind for Matt to whip up for me and that's definitely something, to be sure. Just nothing really big. No "Wow! Look at that!" ideas percolating anywhere. I've gotten a few new things for the house either for Christmas or from my post-holiday blues shopping problem... I've painted some things.... So I thought I'd share. And if you have any other ideas for me I'm. All. Eyes.

New pillows from my secret Santa! Yay Pillow Hoarders Unite!
Matt took a Walmart full-length mirror and made it into something more...
I found this 'O' on clearance at Home Goods and figured it was the universe's way of telling me to buy it. It now hangs in our foyer....
I've recently decided I didn't really like what was on my one end table and sofa table so I've been playing around with them too... Not quite satisfied yet though. Especially that end table. Which is just currently like... blah.
I found two cheap wooden stools online and stained them and then painted them and then distressed them. Plant stands! I have it in mind to get a small olive plant for next to the tv instead of that empty bucket. I just need to wait for warmer weather I'm told by our local greenhouses. Sigh.
And lastly (for now) what was once blue and pink is now not. You can see the original here.