part ii of christmas morn

As always on Christmas morning after the mayhem in our own home has calmed down we pack on up and head over to my parent's for brunch followed immediately by more gifts! We really do love to just pack in all the food ya know? Food and family time! Once sufficiently stuffed we do the Annual Distribution of the Gifts, each person's pile right in front of where they will end up sitting. The Secret Santa's gifts typically get mixed in there as well. The little ones go first, each kid taking a turn while Dom complains that he wants to open his next gift. After the kids are all done then it is on to the adults! It's really quite hectic and chaotic and really quite funny if you think about it but there you are. We are nuts and we are Trovatos and I love us. 

We were all just so ridiculously spoiled by everyone and couldn't be more appreciative of each and every gift we received! Thank you thank you to all! 
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