part i of christmas morn

We really lucked out in that the kids slept in on our Christmas morning! That's a rare thing indeed! Dom was the first one up around 7:40... Letty followed by about 8 and David shortly after that. We just hung out in our bed until all three were up which was a nice start to the day... None of this the sun isn't even up business, not this year!

We did what seemed to work last year, one gift each all at once and then moving on. Santa totally dropped the ball with batteries so thankfully Sheetz is right around the corner and hello, open. Saved the day there Sheetz. Matt did a lot of opening and putting together of the toys. Lots of squeals heard all around! The best most joyful noise on a Christmas morn yes!
The gifts! Letty got her egg carton of Hatchimals that she immediately hatched her way through, a Rey costume, a Rey doll, pikmi pop surprise, a Nom Nums nail polish kit (whoops), and a zhu zhu pets hamster with a track thing that she just adores. David got a crash Hot Wheels track, walkie talkies, a Nerf gun, a Darth Vader figure, a Star Wars Starfighter set, Optimus Prime. Dominic got a Optimus Prime, Storm Trooper figure, Magic Tracks, a Tie Fighter, a talking Darth plush head

I spent the remaining morning hours before brunch organizing and reorganizing the playroom and the kid's rooms... the sudden influx of toys always stresses me out. Things need their proper place!

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