our olsen christmas

Well folks, this is it. The last of the Christmas posts. And as it is the middle of January practically I figure well, it is about time. Our last Christmas celebration was with my in-laws. Matt's brother Dan and his wife and belly were in from Kansas or some such place; we are always happy to see them around the holidays! Or anytime for that matter. Matt's other brother Steve and his family came, as well as Matt's uncle and aunt. The whole family! Makes me happy to see it!

We enjoyed some wine while watching Home Alone, can never go wrong with that combo am I right? Dan and Heidi shared the gender of aforementioned bump and we just couldn't be happier about it all! Now only if we could get them back to the east coast asap.... Uncle Dan also promised the boys some wrestling time which I mean Dan-o, revenge is a dish best served cold, best you remember that... I banished them to the basement so out of sight, out of mind. Matt made Italian (what else) and we finished up the last of the cookies (thank God). The kiddos opened the final round of presents for the year, quite a few of which needed the engineering stylings of their Uncle Scoops. How many degrees does it take to put together a child's toy? Thanks to everyone for the gifts my children received and now love! We only get to see Matt's youngest brother once or twice a year so I always love getting to spend some time with everyone together!

Some of these photos are Holly's so thanks!
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