our new year's eve

This is our new tradition! Drive to a near by hotel (rooms courtesy of my parents), swim a whole lot, eat dinner, swim some more, then party till the ball drops. Or till we go to sleep, which is typically before that happens. It really is the best for all involved. Plenty of things for the kids to do, and all with their cousins! The adults can drink whatever it is they want to drink and no one has to leave early to put the kids to bed, because we are all right there. Together. Our favorite place to be. 

Did I mention this year we had the entire pool to ourselves? The entire time!My dad swam this year which is such a hit with the kids. Lots of chucking them around here and there. Mikayla made it this year! I tried to convince her mother to let her have a sleepover but alas, I understand. They had to go home because their poor little puppy's bladder wouldn't have lasted the whole night though. These dog people! This year our dinner was right on property too at their Smokehouse BBQ & Brews, yum! After our post-dinner swim we all dried off enough for the movie that was showing, Cars 3. 

Of course the kids got tired as they tend to do after a day of swimming and so the younger three went off to bed. My bigger kids watched tv on the pull out sofa and then what were the parents to do? We couldn't exactly leave our children alone in a hotel room even if we were right next door... so we propped open our doors, pulled chairs out into the hallway (we were at the end of the hall and therefore bothering no one) and proceeded to have the very best time chatting and drinking and making Colton do his little snicker thing we all love so much. All the while raiding the buffet down stairs multiple times and eventually coming away with a whole lot of New Year's Eve gear. The next morning we got to enjoy our fair share of a breakfast buffet followed by.... more swimming! What a way to ring in 2018!

A great success!

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