our new coffee table

This just might be a week of diy's, and I don't hate it. I love projects and I have a husband who really likes to build things so it just works for us. Now a little background about our old coffee table/ottoman situation. Letty fell and split her lip on our old coffee table when she was just shy of three. It was traumatic to say the very least. For awhile we went without a coffee table completely and contemplated removing anything with corners... but eventually we got a tufted faux leather ottoman that had storage in it which is where all the kid's board games go. This works wonderfully because they couldn't move my decorative tray to get to their games which meant no game pieces strewn about but then see also they couldn't get to any of their games.... The poor children.

So as I do, I asked Matt to make me a new coffee table and this is that creation! The storage ottoman was moved into the playroom where now they can play games to their heart's content.
What do you guys think? I actually think it brightens up the space now that it's not a giant dark brown rectangle, even if the top is so dark.