our long weekend

After months and months of constant activities and running from here to there it feels incredibly odd to me to have a weekend with no real plans. Some might see that and say ahhh that sounds wonderful! But to me, I hate it. Any day where my kids aren't in school I feel like is a day for an opportunity to do something special with them. During the school year I hate for the bigger two to miss out on anything so I tend to try and save the special stuff for when they are around. But not having any special stuff planned just is wrong to me. Three whole days with nothing on the agenda? Not acceptable. 

And yet, that was our past weekend. Plus lots of coffee!
The weekend began with our Letty leaving for a sleepover. I'm very much opposed to sleepovers myself and yet, I allow her to go. It's something I really wrestle with and the entire time she's gone I'm pretty much like worst case scenario thinking in my mind.. and yet just look at her, she had the best time! They did a craft and played games and other typical sleepover things!
Our Saturday was just a lot of at home tear apart the play room, naps in the basement type of day, and it ended with chinese at my parent's which is pretty much the best ending to any day.
Sunday we were back at my parent's for brunch, after which Letty and I did some Girl Scout door-to-door sales in my parent's development. Nervous, that one. But we did it!

Sunday night we thought the kids would enjoy heading to the mall's food court where they could choose literally anything to eat for their dinner. I thought so anyways. Letty loved it, eating all the carbs in all the lands. Dom too wanted everything! David though only ate a piece of pizza, declared himself full and that was that. Until we left the food court at which time he asked what was for dinner because he was hungry. If you look in the dictionary next to the word infuriating you'll see my little ray of sunshine's photo.

Monday again, I wanted to do something fun and special but I was really coming up short on ideas that fit what I was looking for. Not to mention the kids just seemed to be content at home playing so... That's what we did. After paying my 94 year old Grammy a visit on her birthday of course. The kids sang to her and basically were nuts during the visit but Grammy said she likes the nuts.... So okay Grams! We rounded out the weekend with yet another family meal over at my sister's! Yay!
So. How was everyone else's long weekend? Do anything fun?