diy trashcan cabinet

Nothing says I love you like a new trash can am I right ladies? See, for as long as we have been married (11.5 years) we have had this little trash can that lived out of sight under our kitchen sink. In our first apartment.... in our first home... in our second home. But Matt and I are not young newlyweds who both work full-time out of the house now are we? We are a roaring family of five who basically creates garbage like it is our literal job. Ask Letty! She thinks that paper scraps and empty toilet paper rolls are future works of art just waiting to be created! 

So we empty our trash a lot. Or I should say, we should empty it a lot. But we are lazy beings and the mountain grows as each adult tries to see how long we can let it grow before the other snaps and burns the house down. No? Just us? So this garbage thing has been an annoyance, at best, for the better of seven years. 

Why not get one of those lovely larger trash cans with a lid and a foot pedal? Because I didn't want too that's why. So. Matt made me this. And we don't have to empty our trash every day! We don't fight over it! Look how pretty it is! 

Now if we could only remember where we moved the darned thing and stop going under our sink for our trash we would be totally set.