On the chalkboard: Taking down all the holiday decor does a number on my hands that is for certain. Updating the various chalkboard items takes it's toll. I cracked my knuckles and set to it and I'll be happy for them to just sit for awhile now that their busy season is done. 
Reading: A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab. I'm not very far into it but so far so good. I really have been loving the whole request a book from my library situation. I even decided to stop using Letty's card and be a big girl and get my own.
Watching with Matt: Dark. I pushed back against this originally because I didn't know how I'd feel about watching it with subtitles as it's in German.... Plus it sort of sounded to me like Stranger Things and eh... aliens not so much my thing. Stranger Things is about aliens right? And yes, I've watched the entire series. But Dark is so much better than Matt or I ever expected. We have been watching it dubbed over in English which takes some getting used to itself but we love it. We just wish we had the time to binge watch the entire thing in one sitting. We just started our second time through this week and it's amazing all the things we missed!
Eating: No carbs. Or barely any of them. I fell off the wagon something fierce the final two months of the year so we have been really reigning it in, Matt and I. Just don't ask me to give up my ranch. These are supposed to be like nachos? But instead of the delicious chip it's a mini bell pepper and instead of good ole ground beef it's turkey and well... At least there's ranch.
Drinking: Now that my holiday drink of choice is gone I'm back to being a Dunkin gal. In light of what I mentioned above though I tried to make my favorite beverage a little better by saying no more sugar and wow! I like it so much more this way! Large! Iced! Coffee! Cream! Hazlenut! No sugar! Yum. You can have them practically daily if there's no sugar in it right?
Planning: On enrolling Dom in preschool here pretty soon for next fall. I strictly belong to the one year of preschool before kindergarten school of thought but I don't know... Letty obviously needed a second  year... and with him having a winter birthday he won't be starting till four months shy of his fifth birthday which seems a little late to me for starting school. Plus I volunteer with the bigger kids a lot so it would make sense for him to be getting a little structure while I'm volunteering right? I hear he doesn't sit at all at church too so boy could use some growth in a few areas. Big decisions! Not my baby!
Thinking about: Matt doesn't know this, but I'm going to be asking him to make me a baker's rack type situation for underneath these riddling racks. Which then also means I'll have to decorate said baker's rack but I mean twist my arm? It's a vicious lovely home decorating addict cycle. So what to put on it?! And I think I need some more air plants for the rack above yes?
Watching on the treadmill: The 100. I just started the second season and I have a lot of inane questions but it's entertaining enough for my 5 a.m. runs. For example... If the world was destroyed by nuclear war, than why is the Abraham Lincoln Memorial still mostly intact? Wouldn't our nation's capital be the first place to be attacked by say... nuclear bombs? And how do all these ships falling from space somehow always magically land within walking distance of one another? Deep thoughts for that early in the morning. 
As I type this: Operation Destroy the Playroom. I've been really trying to get the kids to keep their toys just in this room instead of pulling them all over the rest of the first floor.... And that's a hit or miss thing obviously but. I let them have toys in their rooms. Toys all over my basement... and so is it too much to ask that their toys stay out of my living room, kitchen and dining room? I don't think so. But then you also have this view....And this wasn't even that bad yet.
On the letterboard: I mean. Enough said. I hate the cold. I hate the static. I hate the dry skin. And I could use a tan.
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