cousins in valentine's clothes!

Matt has been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee lately while he works out... Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld and all that and he starts each show saying the title like each word or two is a sentence in and of itself. Comedians! In Cars! Getting... Coffee! And so that's what how I imagine myself saying this... Cousins! In Valentine's Clothes! Being.... Cute!

I digress.

My parents got each kid big and small some festive holiday of love wear. It sure is hard to get like a literal match for each kid but I love a good themed cousin shot. Especially when Star Wars is also added to the mix! Last Saturday we had ourselves an epic Mexican night and took it as an opportunity to get these kids all captured in their gear. One never knows when a new cousin will come and make an arrival, does one? Any day now Baby Trovato! And I'm sure if you come before Valentine's Day Nonna will rush off to Target and get you a cute little outfit as well!
What's the over under on how long my boys are going to put up with this? I foresee them being in high school and still standing in front of my garage for their annual Valentine's Day Cousin Shoot. Right after their New Year's Cousin Shoot and followed very soon by their Easter Cousin Shoot. All cousins. Each holiday. Themed. Please and thank you.