cookie baking day!

I can't with today. The kids are back to school. The holidays are over. The schedules return. Oh the humanity! I know that sometimes the constant fighting really gets to me... Or all the time it gets to me. And sure I wish more than anything that my children would behave better in public. Or at home. Or anywhere really. But I still wish they were home with me day in and day out.  These days may feel long but the years are so very short and I am just so grateful for every one of those long long hair-pulling days. My babies are just my most favorite. Sniff. This is the time of year that I historically need to do some sort of crazy home project to distract me from my sorrows.... So, any ideas? I’m fresh out and that’s not helping matters. 

At least I have about a hundred and fifty more holiday themed posts to share on the blog! I'm exaggerating. Or am I? Up first!

It's a Trovato Family Christmas Tradition! My mom and sister and Lena and Letty and I took to a day of baking cookies the Saturday before Christmas. Ash and Mikayla couldn't make it and they were ere missed! Not missed? Was David (sorry bud). The boys stayed home with Matt and it was actually really nice, just baking with these leading ladies. We made a few different types and also some cupcakes, all in prep for my parent's annual Christmas Eve Cocktail Party. The girls shared some hot cocoa while the cookies baked as they anxiously awaited decorating duty... which as I'm sure you can imagine, involved a lot of sprinkles. A lot a lot. See also spoon licking and dough tasting. There was a lot of that as well, and not just for the little ladies, oh no.
And then the men in our lives joined us and my parent's treated all to Chinese! What better way to spend the Saturday before Christmas!?
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