christmas eve cocktail party

Christmas Eve brought my parent's cocktail party once more! We altered the time a bit and tried our hand at a Facebook invite and we had quite the good turnout! Friends old and new, family and in-law family from near and far... Neighbors! My mom put out quite the spread (with a little help from some of her kids). There was turkey meatballs, pizza dip, shrimp, three different types of sliders, a veggie tray and some buffalo chicken dip... And that's not even mentioning the dessert table! I didn't even grab a plate once during the night much to my loss! This photo accurately depicts Dominic's thoughts on the whole affair... He was just so off during Christmas! The holidays bring out the best in us all, yes?
We did get our wish for the most part and our kids remained (mainly) down in the basement with us checking the video feed periodically. I tried my best to document but at a certain point I put the camera down and just enjoyed some conversation. It ended up being such a fun night and I'm already looking forward to next year's. Right mom and dad? Right? And some of these photos are from my dad's gym friend so thanks so much!
I love this photo of Mikayla. I feel ya girl.

We left the party once it had died down and ran ourselves home for the milk and cookies bit, the reindeer food bit, and the say goodbye to our elf, Cornelius bit (yes, he's still around but not nearly as creative as he once was, and the boys are on to us). The bigger kids were all tucked in after a quick Night Before Christmas reading (Dom fell asleep on the ride home) and then the gifts were brought out by Santa. I'd like to say we did the responsible thing and went to sleep once that was all set up, but no. We stayed up longer... Just winding down from such a night.
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