christmas day

 Christmas day is just a marathon of days.  It’s the gift that just keeps on giving Clark...

We returned home from my parent's house and I took to organizing the newest toy additions. I am zero fun mom when it comes to new toys. I need everything to find a home. I did that and then dragged my overly stuffed butt onto the treadmill for a nice long run. Then it was our time to host Christmas Dinner! And the annual sibling in front of the tree picture for sure! Matt made chicken cutlets stuffed with prosciutto, pork rolled with provolone, peppers and spinach and then pasta with a cream arrabbiata sauce. He spoils us for sure. My mom brought over some leftover Christmas cookies and we called the meal good. The kids did a lot of playing in the basement since the extra table spilled out into the their playroom which was actually really nice. It was very calm (as calm as all of us adults talking at once can be). They were happier down there and we were like huh... so this is what it will be like? They watched movies and had popcorn and it was like a whole new world.

I mean what is there to say at this point we have been together more than we have been apart in the past 24 hours.... We just love each other that is all.
Oh what a great Christmas it was! One for the books! Come back to me please, I miss you!

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