a snow day!

Most people on the Eastern half of the United States have had themselves a bit of a cold snap happening this January, and snow too, of course. The kids don't even know what a full school week looks like these days what with all the early dismissals and two hour delays. I love those kind though! Less time they are away from me but then also no make up days. However, we did have some snow  last week that was enough of a situation that a full day closure was necessary. This happened to also be my first day back watching my CPA sister-extraordinaire's kids. Go big or go home right? Five kids on snow day? Love it!

Getting four kids into their winter gear... watching them play out front... watching them play out back...  moving inside once I got too cold and watching from the window... All part of the joy of snow days! And then hot chocolate and cozying up by the fire, because what else? 
And let us not forget the apple of my eye, my nephew Harrison! Who napped the morning away nice and warm inside and just really likes his swing time! Love you and your cheeks!