a niece is born!

Oh yesterday was just the very best day! My brother and sister-in-law gave birth to just the most precious baby girl! No one on the planet knew the gender and we all felt quite certain it was going to be a boy and wow were we surprised when we got the text! A little lady! How lucky is my niece Mikayla to have herself a little sister to love on and grow up with! So world, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the newest Trovato cousin (seven of them now, yay!), Audrey Blake!!
I do have to mention that she is named after my Grandma, who left this earth five years ago this month.... She would have been absolutely smitten with all these children and I'm sure she is beyond thrilled with this choice of name! It makes me emotional to think about so I'll just stop going down that road. 

The kids were off school yesterday for a teacher inservice so it was the perfect time to head on over to our friendly neighborhood hospital and meet the newest little lady. Dom kept asking if we were going to Audrey's house... David had about a zillion questions about all the items in the room and the wires and tubes attached to Aunt Ashley... and Letty just wanted to stare lovingly at her newest girl cousin. And hold her. When we were just about to leave my sister showed up with her kids too and so... pictures all around! 

Welcome to the world and to the family little Audrey!!!