a new year with ava shield

I don't do resolutions. Just not me. If you're going to do something just start doing it right? I have been thinking lately that I suppose it's time that I really start focusing on what comes into our home and what products I use on our family.... Yes, I do realize that a lot of the things coming in here aren't the best, but I'm also on a budget and definitely prefer to deal with what's easiest and most convenient. But I've feeling lately like I should be doing more. I'm not ready to throw out products we already have in our possession or anything, but I want to replace them when the time comes with better products. In every way that is realistic for our family.

But so far all I've done is replace dryer sheets with wool dryer balls, spend a lot of time figuring out the best sunblock for the kids and use a whole lot of essential oils for whatever I can think of and okay if you believe in such things I also got a few Himalayan salt lamps for Christmas. Oh and lots of indoor plants and probiotics. So basically, I feel like I've done nothing?

Right around the time I started thinking about the above I was sent a few lovely products from my beloved Rocky Mountain Oils to try that are made with some of my most favorite essential oils! I mean, yay! How perfect is that timing?! Now I could have been making products for years now with my oils but I hate to tell you this, I'm a bit lazy in that regard? I know. I know. I just prefer my cleaning supplies/personal care items to be made for me. These are all from the Ava Shield line. Natural home solutions and all that. Sign me up! 
The Cool Mint Toothpaste was an instant like for me. This one has spearmint and peppermint essential oils infused in it. I have always wanted to try a more natural toothpaste and am loving the flavor of this one. My mouth is left all fresh and clean feeling. See also a peak into my ridiculous "make up" drawer. Now that could use some serious attention from someone who knows their natural living stuff.

The Foaming Hand Soap is currently in our most used bathroom, the powder room. I love smelling an old friend Immune Strength in there and also knowing the kids will be washing the school day off of their hands as soon as they walk in is so reassuring to me! Just get rid of those nasty school germs right away please! And on a side note with David constantly sticking his hands in his mouth I feel so much better about it knowing he's using this soap... 
I used the Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate the second I got it and basically scrubbed down my entire kitchen. I was so obsessed with using something natural on surfaces that had in the past been cleaned with harsh chemicals. And again with the immune strength! Love that smell! I feel so much better knowing the surfaces where we cook and eat the most (our island) don’t have all the nasty chemicals on them! I even wiped down all the kid’s iPads and my iPhone too because I mean hello germs! I just feel so much better about the state of my kitchen now. I followed the instructions on the bottle and even got myself a spray bottle so I can easily reach for the premade cleaner instead of my normal anti-bacterial Clorox wipes. 
I realize that we have a long way to go and that this is just a toe-dip into the healthier living world that I so wish we were already established and living in but. We will get there. One day at a time.
What about you all? Do you have any tips for getting into a more natural living state?