a longwood christmas

I've always wanted to check out Longwood Gardens, just a little over an hour away from here... I love me some flowers and then add to it Christmas and poinsettias and it is basically a wonder I don't go here every single year. My friend Janelle is a member and so she could get us in for free which is pretty much the best thing ever. I'm trying to convince my mom and sister to go in on one of these memberships for next year because wow. I'd love to see this place change throughout the seasons!

Janelle and I left our sons at home (with supervision, of course) and took the girls with us on this fun day trip! It was freezing cold outside but nice and toasty warm inside that enormous greenhouse. Conservatory? Either way. Oh how I could go for one of those in my life! They have a whole kids area with different fun fountains and a tiny wrought iron spiral staircase that the girls just loved. I enjoyed seeing the residence and other rooms decorated for the holidays and the enormous floating fruit floor display, not to mention all the trees! This whole day made me want to immediately go to a greenhouse and buy every single pretty botanical I could get my hands on. And such a lift for the spirits to be in somewhere so beautiful and warm with a good friend, our girls running around giggling and having their own versions of the best time! See also succulent Christmas trees, orchids, roses, hibiscus and palm trees.

Thanks so much for taking us Janelle and Sydney! This is definitely one of my highlights of this past Christmas season!
I can't wait to go back!