a day in the life

A new year and so here goes another round of documenting a day! I honestly do love these because wow I forget so much of what a typical day was like! Anyways this was last Friday. Who doesn't love Fridays!?

6:00 am: I got up ten minutes before the turn of the hour so I can get my run in before the kids are up. I put on my sneakers and then put the wash into the dryer before heading downstairs for my 45 minute run. I’m watching The 100. And it’s a rough workout. My body is like ughhh it’s so early!  Where's your coffee? Dom usually wakes up while I’m running but seeing as he yells at me if I come in to him in the morning (no!!! Not you!! I want DADDY!) Matt gets him and sets him up with his breakfast. Pancake. In strips. To dip in a bowl of syrup. My eyes roll.
7:00 am: I finished my run and then it’s time to wake up the kids (around 6:45). I do a “soft” wake for them both. Basically handing them their iPads with the timer set and let them have a few moments to themselves. I make the beds and then we head downstairs to get them ready for the day. Their lunches were packed after school the day before and all their clothes/shoes/jackets/backpacks are ready to go from last night too. I know it may seem like overkill but hey. Anything I can do the night before to make the morning easier I’m a fan. I fold the laundry and have my coffee while the kids eat their breakfast (yogurt and toast with cinnamon/sugar for Letty and plain old toast for David all washed down with his morning Pediasure) and put it away while they brush their teeth. We all marvel at the pretty pink sky. Matt takes the kids to school to buy us more sleep time in the morning so they leave at 7:20.
8:00 am: After the kids leave I continue my work out. I know! I used to do the elliptical in the evenings but since the kids have started school we figured it just works better for us to do it right away in the morning. Dom plays in the basement with his trains or legos loving life with no toy competition. This is when I do my reading. I wrap up shortly after 8 and then jump in the shower/get ready for the day.
9:00 am: I’m about to head into the kid’s school to help out in David’s classroom... Dom is puttering around with toys or what not. Matt is able to watch him when I head in so I don’t have to drive him to my mom’s.
10:00 am: On Fridays I go into David’s classroom and do whatever his teacher needs help with. Most of the time it’s adding words to the kid’s word rings. Or tearing apart Scholastic order forms and combining several together. I get about a hundred hugs too from David during this whole time. I also bumped into Letty's reading teacher which I mean any time to pick her ear about Letty and I'm practically jumping at the chance.... I stick around for Kid Writing of course, always a favorite, being in the classrooms! 
11:00 am: Dom was just enjoying being the king of the castle when I returned. In fact I was greeted with my husband and youngest aiming Nerf guns at me from the second story into the foyer. I got shot. Apparently we are a Nerf house now and Dominic takes it incredibly seriously. He stalks around corners and checks for "bad guys" and definitely does his fair share of shooting. It's adorable if he wasn't acting out his father's Call of Duty game. Ahem. 
12:00 pm: Lunch time date! My friend Janelle and I try to meet up for lunch and drinks and catching up and whatever about once a month... and shockingly, Dom does really well with these almost two hour lunches... I know. The mind reels. We chose to go to Appalachian Brewing Company in Lititz. I got this delicious fruit and nut salad with blue cheese crumbles and yes. Huge fan of fruits and blue cheese! And the conversation of course!
1:00 pm: Still going strong! You'd think we didn't just see each other over Christmas break right? I order a Jolly Scot which always makes me think of Jamie Fraiser, naturally. Dom just snacks and eats some fries and colors and basically probably thinks mommy and her friend are silly and loud but God love them.
2:00 pm: I’m home and killing time till the bus stop pick up happens. I start up BB8 and enjoy seeing him do his thing.... Love that robot so. At 2:20 the kids are off the bus and in my arms! They finish up whatever is left of their lunches while I gleefully put away the lunch boxes and go through their take home folders.
3:00 pm: I really have been trying to let the time fresh of the bus be led by the bigger kids. If they want to play in their rooms, fine. Watch tv, fine. I have learned that while for me growing up getting my homework done right away was awesome and fulfilling for them it's like uhm. no! So. The boys take to playing in the playroom... They also know it’s only a matter of time till their Fitzs arrive and everyone is just so so excited! We used to see them every Friday night but now it's more like once a month and we will take it!
4:00 pm: Letty goes right to her room after school. And that is where she stays for the afternoon. She has grand plans for her night with Avery. At one point she had every room in her Barbie house set up for her friend. She also sneakily got her iPad and was working on a Mine Craft whatever because someone explain that game to me I am clueless!
5:00 pm: Our Fitzs arrive! The screams I'm sure were heard all across the county as those children entered the house. Even Dom gets in on the yelling. They are and always have been like celebrities arriving...This night we are celebrating Mark’s birthday and so Matt has all sorts of things planned for his best friend. Me? I was snickering to myself that I found this T-shirt for him. Top Gun being a favorite movie of Mark’s. Ah these two...
6:00 pm: The kids eat their typical fare of pizza and this week Matt made Letty pigs in a blanket and they were a big hit too. They eat before us and then we send them down into the basement where I'm pretty sure they did nothing but run laps... Our dinner was a lot of grilled options... Chicken and ribs and all manner of meat sins. Can we even pretend I am trying to be healthy with all the ranch and cheese I use? We really can’t. I'm aware.
7:00 pm: Drinks! Vodka drinks! Because five kids tearing around the house squealing and laughing does it to a person. See also a constant string of tattles about all sorts of offenses. Matt found a movie for them that no one had seen and then the natives calmed down to watch it. Monsters vs. Aliens? They loved it. This buys the adults more time to converse and catch up on all that we have missed these last few weeks...
8:00 pm: Dessert time kids! Matt made brownies and there was peanut butter cup ice cream. Bad choices were made. We totally dropped the ball and didn't sing to him which never happens! Sorry Mark!
9:00 pm: Our guests head on home after the parents are fully exhausted and full. Hugs all around! I just can’t get over how much Avery has grown and man! I see my future when I look at her and I'm not ready! I know I still have two years but still. She’s just gonna have so much fun with those new cousins of hers that she has gotten recently!
10:00 pm: On any other night I would be asleep by 9:30... but it is Friday after all and after cleaning up from the night I just wanted to chill in relative silence for a bit. As if watching Saving Private Ryan is relaxing. No no James FRANCES Ryan! And then it’s off to  bed!

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