who dominic is at 3 years

I'm reaching a certain point here in this parenting game where I am sensing the independence that is coming my way. Just a little taste of what's to come. I've never experienced what it's like to have kids these ages obviously and what's more is having no baby to take away my time and also my freedom. I can leave the house without a diaper bag if I just bring a spare in case... I don't require a way to lock the kids down at the store they typically walk right next to me. Heck, Letty can even buckle Dom in his car seat. It's interesting, this taste of independence.... It is lessening the sting of the lost babyhood just a tiny tiny (tiny) bit.

All that to say that today, my youngest, is now three. And that is enough for me.
When his siblings left for school he really altered who he was. Or who we thought he was. He turned out to be a quiet kid, which we never knew about him when he was always screaming to be heard over the din of his brother and sister. He prefers to be silent and to play by himself. He doesn't require much from me other than like hey I'm hungry mom can I have a snack. He's content to have uninterrupted toy time. When he does speak it is soft and sweet and pretty much adorable. Sentences come out of him and leave us sort of like wait did Dom just say that?? Because well when one doesn't speak and then one does it sort of throws people.
He is in his big boy bed now, a full. He chose Star Wars everything of course, because he loves Star Wars. He goes to bed at 7 with his siblings and is typically the first one up in the house, usually around 6:30. He doesn't get up at night and we hear nothing from him till he calls in the morning for his daddy. Not me. I'm not allowed. He doesn't leave his bed which is huge. And no more naps. Also huge. Also sad.
He eats much better than his brother but still not as good as he should. He loves pasta and meatballs! Applesauce is always his go to when he wants another snack but he just had a snack... he knows I'll never say no to applesauce.
If you ask him his name he says no. If you ask him his age he says no. So he's a real gas. He loves to be read to but doesn't like to be "taught." So we are just reading and pointing life out as we go along. He knows colors and shapes and of course constantly surprises us but if you sat down to do an alphabet puzzle say and questioned him his answer would just be no.
His favorite thing is to smack you. He walks by: smack. He cuddles on the couch with you: smack. It's annoying and painful and well, needs to stop. He also loves to knead our stomachs. Like a cat on a pillow. He constantly throws himself into our stomachs. It is a very odd thing indeed. See also belly button love.
Potty? NO. Try sitting on the potty? No. I can't even get him to bend to sit on it. So that's on the back burner. We'll get there. Eventually. Anyways my Dominic, the happiest of third birthdays to you! May this year bring some breakthroughs in a few areas and a pause button or ten in others. We love you just so very much! You lovely child you!