tiny town, pa!

Oh my goodness you guys! This place is just the cutest! Tiny Town, for you locals, is located right here in Lancaster and is (relatively) new. I have seen it advertised for quite a while now and while it always looked like fun I could never swallow the price tag ($10 per kid and $8 per adult).... enter, the big kids at school! That's perfect! So on a freezing cold blustery Wednesday, my mom and sisters and I took our little ones to investigate. The whole place was decorated to the gills in Christmas which you know I love and just eat that right up! The little play houses set up are just so cute and well designed and there's so much for the kids to play with. They have comfortable couches and tables and chairs strewn about, all with a great view of the playing area. 

The cousins spent a solid two and a half hours playing hard and could have kept going had I not said the magic word McDonald's! Next time I go I may even pack a lunch and make more of a day of it. They have assorted snacks and coffees available for purchase as well for young and old alike. The kids ran around and the moms sat on the couches sipping their coffee and supervising from afar. I couldn't have asked for a better set up! The  biggest hits as far as the town goes was the firehouse of course, and then the diner and the grocery store. For Dom anyways. They had such a good morning playing! Added bonus? The women who work there get to bring their children to work with them. All about that ya know? Support working moms!