so what's new with you? holiday edition!

Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year! The schedules are just booking right on up and time is flying by but there you have it just the same!

I need to get my nails updated. First of all. Typically I'm a 'red the day after Thanksgiving' kind of gal but I just recently started going to get my nails done (wow wow biiiig spender) and so I'm waiting till they need to be done. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow.... we shall see.

Some of us in the Olsen clan have been suffering from the cold of all cold (or flu? something evil) this past week or so... tis the season right? We didn't let that slow us down last weekend though! Even though maybe we should have? Letty and I got the worst of it earlier this week, she actually missed school which I just hate but a fever is what a fever is. I keep hoping today will be the day I feel better. Here’s hoping. Please God please. Because I am so far over it and the dent I've been making in my couch...

Letty lost another tooth! We are just so so so close to the lost two front teeth status! Perfect for this time of year! And lots of rounds of all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.... my two front teeth...

I have been working my way steadily through Netflix's Christmas movies and man some of them are just so terrible and yet I just keep on watching! Good looking people who can semi act and Christmas themed? I'm eating them right on up....I've lost count at this point. It may be an issue.

David's teacher is off of school till the new year and we just miss her so! I actually was worried he may totally fall off the rails but he has held it together alright. Change is hard for everyone! And this time of year what with all the fun festive dress up days and the holiday parties and and and.... Who would want to miss that?

Dominic and potty training? We are getting nowhere. Off to buy another (and hopefully final) pack of diapers! With how busy we have been the whole oh you just wear underwear and sit in your wet and no you won't like it thing isn't really feasible.... Someday. Soon. Maybe.

Speaking of being busy we are gearing up for another busy weekend here (health willing)... making gingerbread houses in Letty's class, celebrating a birthday, possibly a parade as well as other random Christmas events about town. I cannot believe how fast this month is going by!

Not necessarily so merry but here are some new Instagram accounts I found recently that I  just love. Veronika. Vanessa. And Kate.

So what is up with you all?

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  1. I love your nails. Do you find that the shape of the nails you have makes it harder for them to break?
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Too true that some of those low-budget Christmas movies are really quite bad and yet somehow...addicting?? :P

  3. Schedules…oh the schedules. I think we’ll be able to breathe again mid-February! Ha! What kind of nails do you get? I do the dip (powder) on top of my real nails and I absolutely love it! Right now I have a dark grey on all fingers, except my ring fingers which are a sparkly rose gold. I thought I would switch to red (or something a little more festive) before Christmas, but I am loving this so much I will probably get the same exact colors again! Ha. Anyhow, moving on so I don’t bore you with nail stuff. Haha. I hope everyone is on the mend soon. Being sick around the holidays just shouldn’t be allowed!

  4. your nails look amaze!!!! are you getting gels?! i NEVER get mine done but have been fantasizing about a little "self love" as they say haha! and OH girl. the sick week demon has gotten us, too. :( sending health prayers and vibes your way!!!

  5. I'm toying with the idea of getting a gel manicure for the season, as a little treat. But, my nails have been really natural for a few years and I'm worried I'll mess them up again. Regular manicures just DON'T last for me, I'm too tough on my hands.

  6. Hope everyone in your house is healthy soon!

  7. ugh gross, hope you feel better soon! i hate hate hate feeling sick. poor letty. fevers are the worst. i need to start painting my nails again - well, not need, but want. maybe i should be fancy like you and get them done. the polish peels off my nails though so ugh. such a non-fun way to waste money.
    horrible christmas movies ARE THE BEST. need to watch some.

  8. Whatever the cold is that is going around, it is bad. I mean I have no immune system to speak of, and just a slight cold landed me in the hospital for four days! Damn cancer....and germs!

  9. I usually paint my nails red during the holidays too but I haven't done it yet! I hope you all feel better soon!


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