school holiday parties

The last week of school is always such a fun time to be a kid right? They fun themed dress-up days, the class parties, the giving of the teacher gift! The kid's themed days were pretty out there this year, bells and antlers and lights? Their poor teachers! And thank God for the Dollar Tree. Really got the hook up there...
David's class party was first and if you know me in real life you know that after much soul-searching and ear-bending that I ended up just crashing it. Sorry to his room mom and all but yeah... I just showed up. Uninvited. I helped out with the cookie icing station and David was just so thrilled I was there, spontaneous thank you's all around are just the very best! I wouldn't miss these kids parties for the world!
Letty's party was the following day and it was so much easier for me going in to it than the fall one. I wasn't stressed at all. The kids played games, hunted for candy canes, made a small craft and then ate lots and lots of snacks. 
But boy was I sure happy when Friday afternoon rolled around... Don't get me even started on the fact that this break is cruising right on by...



  1. Started to have flashbacks as I was reading this post by you. Man, have some really amusing memories from school too. Loved this blog all the way

  2. Themed days? I love it! We only had pajama day and Christmas shirt day! I’m filling jipped over here. Haha! Glad you are able to attend the parties with your kiddos. Those moments are so special…and fleeting.

  3. i love letty's little leggings. so festive. and i love how you crashed david's party lol. so you. yay for no longer being nervous though!

    xoxo cheshire kat


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