our snowy weekend

At first the forecast said that we may see our first snow flurry or two over the weekend... And then it said perhaps a coating to one inch... And then as our Saturday progressed and the snow band didn't move for quite some time it became well you may get six inches (!). Where we live ended up coming in just shy of that mark. When the day first started it was like oh just put on your boots and coats and gloves and play on the deck.... But as the snow fell heavier it became clear the big guns were necessary. The donning on the layers and the snow bibs and the hats and the please lord someone bring down a few beach towels because my floors are getting soaked! We ended up crashing some neighbor's sledding fun down the street and that of course turned into dinner and drinks and a huge long play date. Which really just feels like a snow day right?
Our Sunday found us at my parent's house for brunch followed by lots more sledding and of course the building of our very own snowman! Yes that is a stick for hair because he is Olaf. The kids were so full of giggles and so very rosy-cheeked by the end of it all! There is nothing like that post snow play tiredness that settles over them all once it's said and done.
We just really soaked up every snowy second while we could because as early snows do, they don't last...