our disney vacation, magic kingdom once more

Hey heeeeeey December! Already! No! Don't rush it! I'll just pretend like it's the first week of November and not at all sad about it.

But I am sad this is our last day of the whole relive the vacation thing. It was a real short day for us since we wanted to be on the road and in Savannah by dinner time... All our fastpasses were for the a.m. hours and so we got there pretty early on. It seemed the crowds were sad we were leaving too or something because the lines were actually the best of the entire week which is just hashtag rude. We did the whole buy your Christmas ornament thing before going on the Haunted Mansion. David hated it you betcha but he did it just the same. We went on It's a Small World again and by the time we had gotten off of it our Aunt Wilma had arrived! She was my grandma's dearest friend and also a relation through  marriage? Grandma's neighbor from childhood? I hear lots of things, suffice it to say she has been around since the beginning and she's a trooper. Trailing around the park after the lot of us like it is no big deal whatsoever. We had fastpasses for Peter Pan Takes Flights so of course we had to do that... all of 15 seconds that ride.
We did Pirates again because we love our Pirates. Then I got a Dole Whip! So good. Followed immediately by the Magic Carpets.
 We had fastpasses to Barnstormer's but didn't realize that you have to be seven or above to ride solo? Even if an adult is like riiiight there? Anyways so there was some finagling and Letty and Rob got to ride twice but we made it through.
We had quite a lot of snacks to work our way through so that is just what we put our heads to doing before our final fastpass of the trip, which was Space Mountain. Rob and I took Letty on that, who loved every second, before going back to the resort for lunch and saying our goodbyes to all.
There you have it. Another Disney trip in the books. We missed my sister and her family like a whole awful lot! Never again okay guys? I kept hoping that I'd turn around a corner and there they would be like surprising us all, but no... Next time we go as a family united!

I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was... Letty said it was the Rockin' Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror. David said it was It's a Small World which I find interesting but also not very surprising, and Dominic said it was the Star Wars mens. Shocker there. We are just so very thankful to our parents for taking us down there. We are so lucky to have the very best grandparents in the world! We love you both so so so much!

And lest we forget... we still had a whole lot of driving and traffic ahead of us... And a whole lot of this am I right Ashley (between the movies and the kid's iPads I had to scream to be heard whenever I wasn't driving)? No no no, James FRANCES Ryan!