ornament day!

Every year my mom and my sisters try to diy our own Christmas ornament. We take to Pinterest and search our hearts out and get overwhelmed and ultimately decide on one we think we can manage best. We have not had the greatest of luck over the years, not that we let that fact stop us! The adults decided on decoupaging  balls with brown paper and then just giving the top of the ball some flair as it were. For the kids I glued a few popsicle sticks together and the kids painted them white and then covered in glitter. Oh the glitter! 
The kids did their ornaments first and it was very entertaining to see how they all went about it. The boys made a quick job of it all whilst Lena meticulously covered every tiny spot and did it all without making a mess of herself.
Once they were taken care of the adults started in with our mess of hodge podge every which way. I handed my camera to Letty for most of it and took to busying myself trying to be creative. Which does not come easily to me despite what you may think. Overall everyone was really happy with how their ornaments turned out I believe so this one can be in the win column! Even if I did have to break out my mom's hair dryer to help the hodge podge dry... I am a bit over zealous with that stuff!

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