kitchen kettle village at christmas time and more!

We decided to try something new last weekend and visit a local tourist destination, Kitchen Kettle Village, for some of their festive holiday events. But one cannot drive all the way down into tourist country without a stop at the farmer's market down there... A quick pop inside for some pretzels and some other goodies (with Letty totally channeling her inner Kevin McCallister) before we were on our way to the main event...
We got there a little before my brother and his family so we spent some time dawdling around in a few of the stores before we quite accidentally ran into some carolers. Santa, an elf, Frosty, Rudolph and of course the Kitchen Kettle's very own Gingerbread Man. Lena sang along even though she was the only one of her cousins to do so but the  kids got some treats after each song just the same. My brother and family arrived just in time for a photo with the whole lot of them! We even got Dom up there which is saying something. They gave each kid a gingerbread cookie that we then spent far too much time covering in different colored icing. And the boys even tried them! We wrapped up the visit with a little mozzarella stretching show which while not merry is always welcome because: cheese. I heard there was candy making somewhere there but by this time we were hungry and it was time to head on to real food. Not just samples. Thanks be to my sister for some of these photos too!
And then we move on to lunch. My dad had always wanted to try DJ's Taste of the 50's and so what better time than the present right? David was psyched because he had just recently decided he was to be called DJ now instead of David which alright hold your horses. Luckily we got there before the lunch rush because a party of 12 was pushing it. We all squeezed ourselves around the tables and set to ordering our lunch. The kids meals came in a car. How fun is that?! And the waitress was super awesome and gave all the kids leftover treats from the restaurant's morning with Santa. And balloons! And oh the tragic cry from Elena when hers went floating heavenward.... Letty gladly gave hers up because goodness... breaks your heart, that cry.
Such a wonderful Saturday morning! Sort of impromptu but oh such fun. My mom was missing from this adventure because she was busy prepping her house for the holiday home tour coming the following day... Which was also a good time! Let the festivities reign!