i spent a day with oranges

I had a day last week where my calendar square quite oddly was bare, and since it is the month of December that was quite a rare sight to be seen. And of course, I couldn't let it be that way. I was feeling the pressure of the fact that Christmas was just days away and oh did I get it all done and what did I miss? What  memory had I not yet made? Really serious first world problems and all of that. So I started by making three different types of cookies... Once that was done and I had eaten my weight in raw dough I moved on to oranges! 
I realize I was extremely late to the game  but I figured I could leave the garlands up well into January once the rest of the decor goes away and see how goes? But first I made pomanders that I plan on using Christmas Day (yesterday) for place settings.... Depending on how they fair and my rosemary plant which has seen better days....

Since I was late to the game I tried to dry them out a bit in the oven on the lowest setting for an hour... we will see if that is effective or not.
Then I sliced a few oranges up and baked them on a cooling rack for 2.5 hours at 225 degrees.... I used a metal skewer to make holes for the twine and wala! Garland! I really love seeing these all over Instagram and I think they are so lovely and remind me of Christmases of olde. Like I want to sit and watch Little Women by the fire Christmas of olde. 
My sister-in-law used orange slices on her package wrapping which is intense and also gorgeous. I hated to see them be torn apart! Do you guys have any other orange decorating uses you care to share?