gingerbread houses with (old) neighbors

Our old neighbors and us old Olsens have gotten together for gingerbread house making since Avery was just a wee babe and it's definitely a highlight of the Christmas season for us all. Steph does all the heavy lifting, gathering all the supplies and the candies and building the houses and all of that. Not to mention she always opens up her home to the mess and the crazy each year. Saint Stephanie. She also got the kid's their very own hot chocolate mug and a gingerbread ornament! Just like last year! She is just too much and we just love her so!
The kids ate more than they decorated but isn't that the name of the game for most kids during this activity? It turned into a bit of the Dom show because he actually tried to really decorate this year and it was cute. He's like this little naughty creature that suddenly is trying something normal and we are all like awhhh! Look how sweet! He's icing his house and placing candies and just doing what he should be doing! How cute!
After we cleaned up the kids shared their gifts to each other. This is the first year we let the kids take the wheel and much to our entertainment, Liam and David picked out the exact same gifts for each other. That says a lot about their friendship I'd say. Avery warned me as Letty opened her slime launcher that "Aunt Laurie you're gonna hate this gift" and well my dearest Avery, you are most correct. But Letty sure is thrilled and she's been waiting anxiously to shoot it till you come over next. Letty chose a sewing machine for Avery and I think her reaction may be one of my favorite ones from her, ever. Dom got his birthday gift from our Fitzs as well, a Storm Trooper costume that he sleeps in almost every night. He's so thrilled with it and well, he's just the most adorable little Storm Trooper ever. I guess.
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